We originally opened in 1967 as Thornton Hall Gardens on the south bank of the Humber [6 miles South East of the Humber Bridge] specifically to supply plants of all descriptions for the garden.
In 1972 we added hardy palms to our collection and the Palm Farm was born.

At that time we were pioneers in the promotion of hardy palms and exotics and have continued to supply them - with an increasing range of exotics - ever since. Although most business is done through the nursery gate, we welcome mail order enquiries. A full list is available by post or by email.

We provided a van load of palms for the Millenium celebrations of the Tynwald on the Isle of Man in 1977 and send plants all over the UK and the continent. Our most unusual consignment was providing the United Arab Emirates with palms in the 1970s!

The nursery is located in and around the walled garden, orchard and paddocks of an old Hall from which it gets an air of maturity. In the last forty years many specimens of trees and shrubs have been planted for added interest and as an example of what can be grown.

Although hardy palms and other exotics could be considered our speciality it is our interest in providing trees, shrubs, climbers, herbaceous plants and ferns in general which is our overriding theme.

We stocked specimens from English, Dutch and Italian nurseries as well as much home grown stock,

After 43 years, we are now closed to the public but continue to grow a small select amount of palms on site, We are currently re landscaping areas back in the grass land and wildflower meadows as well as making it a great venue for wedding and parties.